Birmingham dating scene

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That’s right—the Southeastern Conference Headquarters are located right in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

The hiking trails are dog friendly, so bring your pup and trek up to the top of the mountain for an aerial view of the metro that’s truly unmatched.

All hail Steel City Pops, Birmingham’s only all natural and locally harvested popsicle store.

With seasonal flavors like strawberry balsamic, blueberry basil, and buttermilk, this local chain is the best place to cool off in the face of sweltering southern heat.

The somewhat haunted-looking smoke stacks of Sloss Furnace are hard to miss.

While it’s currently the country’s only 20th century blast furnace that’s been turned into a historical site, Sloss remains a prime venue for concerts, festivals and conferences throughout the year.

Vulcan Park and Museum hosts one of the biggest Fourth of July firework shows and claims a breathtaking view of downtown.

Hoping to catch the explosive spectacular without paying the associated fee?The craft beer scene in Birmingham is booming thanks to the state’s loosened liquor laws.Good People, Avondale, Cahaba and Trim Tab Brewing Companies are just among a few of the city’s go-to breweries for live tunes, food trucks and a frothy brew, like Avondale’s Miss Fancy’s Triple.Aside from making for an awesome picture opportunity (they’ve gone Tumblr viral), the Light-Rail project has helped encourage safety for pedestrians and bicyclists traveling around the area.Only two have been completed so far, but all four downtown underpasses are scheduled to launch in the near future.Birmingham has, at its heart, a vibrant and multi-cultured gay community that welcomes visitors from throughout the UK and internationally.

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