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Surviving Court records are usually in local archives, but some are in the National Archives of Scotland.After Edinburgh suffered a series of fires, an Act of the City Council in 1674 gave the Court authority to enforce new building regulations, ratified in 1698 by an Act of the Scottish Parliament.

The Act of 1858 permitted local boards in England and Wales to require the deposit of plans for any new buildings or alterations.It was a series of Public Health Acts that established a more consistent apparatus for controlling the urban fabric.The first such Act in 1848 had limited impact on buildings, but laid out the framework of local authority in England and Wales, known initially as boards of health.In Scotland each medieval burgh operated a Dean of Guild Court, which dealt with rights of access and nuisances.So when the burghs began to develop building regulations in the 17th century, they fell within the remit of the Dean of Guild Court.That disaster led to the London Building Act of 1667, the first to provide for surveyors to enforce its regulations.

It laid down that all houses were to be built in brick or stone.This first Act applied to the walled City of London.The Building Acts of 17 extended that control to Westminster.Acts for creating new streets and widening old ones gave the local authority at least a limited degree of building control.Building regulation was a patchwork of different provisions in different places.An Act of Parliament in 1757 established the Wide Streets Commission for Dublin.

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