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Finally, you can stop wondering how often other couples fight, kiss, have sex — and who has what tucked under their beds.A new survey of 70 000 pairs answers these questions and more.

Sure, outsiders may think your nicknames for each other are downright ridiculous, but small, affectionate gestures — giving each other monikers like “pickle” or “buster” — can turn ordinary moments into intimate ones.

Plus: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend equal serious #Couple Goals.

Here are 11 surprisingly easy steps to Chrissy-and-John level closeness.

“If a couple has good communication, they’re more comfortable discussing money,” says Rudolph.

Anything you hide from your partner can harm the relationship, including secrets about your cash situation.

“Guys love compliments,” says Northrup, “and he wants you to be attracted to him.” If you two haven’t hopped on the kink train yet, but want to, the key is to introduce it in the right way.

“If there’s trust and emotional intimacy, you can slowly but surely start telling him about your fantasies,” says Dr Elna Rudolph, WH sexpert and head of My Sexual za.

“It’s normal to wonder, Would I be better off if I left? That’s your natural fight-or-flight response kicking in when things don’t go your way.

But instead of automatically pushing eject the next time he cancels on you to hang out with his buddies again, note your immediate physical reaction.

With the help of sexologist Dr Pepper Schwartz and sociologist Dr James Witte, Northrup surveyed more than 70 000 couples worldwide (making it the largest relationship study ever done), asking questions like “How often do you kiss your partner? ” The answers provide a voyeuristic look into how the average duo behaves – and if you have any of the seven love issues here, you’ll realise you’re not alone and that there are ways to make your own relationship one to envy.

Note: Five of them mean your relationship needs work, but two are actually quite normal! Impress him in small ways – get dressed up for a night in or opt for sexier pyjamas — and hope he’ll do the same.

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