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Nose: probably the most vegetal and earthy within the lot, also the sweetest even if it’s far from being sweet whisky. With water: gets unexpectedly dirty, animal and slightly sulphury (hard boiled eggs). Mouth (neat): it’s the strongest but quite curiously, it’s also the easiest. Comments: this big baby almost stood up to the new OB. Sometimes with quite a bit of fluffy storytelling (we found some hidden casks in warehouse #77 or our legendary master distiller decided to experiment with ex-cucumber casks or we teamed up with a famous winery in Outer-Mongolia or we decided to recreate a secret 1885 recipe that we found in the exciseman’s drawer and so on…) And frankly, some other excellent blogs do it so much better that we ever could anyway, such as the great Whisky Intelligence, already 2,000 posts, triple wow! It comes from Balblair, who just announced that they partnered with a Scottish jazz singer named Niki King to launch a new concept called the ‘Balblair Lounge Events’ that will match tasting Balblair malts with jazz performances in various cities over the world. ) I'm afraid the answer is 'no thanks' - I don't think anybody ever tasted Manzoni's merda d'artista either... I checked my nose using some ‘reference malts’ and it seems that we’re back to normal, just in time for the brand new Glenmorangie Finealta that just arrived. Behind all that we have the same zestiness as in the 1974, with some lemon marmalade and a little passion fruit.

Something slightly roasted and tarry, earthy as well… Comments: such a fabulous young Laphroaig that’s already complex and ‘wide’ deserves some extra-points. A little more tropical fruits and we would be there. Big notes of nutmeg arising after a while, even a little horseradish... Rather dry globally and, indeed, fairly ‘old northern Highlands’ in style (more towards old Clynelish or Pulteney and certainly not towards Balblair or even Dalmore). Gets then more citrusy, with some orange marmalade (peppered! Finish: rather long, all on tropical fruits and soft spices. Slightly mineral as well, which is uncommon in my opinion. Round body, some ripe papayas and bananas, a little caramel, raisins, honey sauce… Finish: medium long, very sweet, raisiny and slightly mentholated. Also quite some varnish, heather honey, fruit sauce, very ripe strawberries, overripe bananas… Cough syrup, mint, herbal liqueur (50/50 Jägermeister and Underberg) and honey. Mouth: it’ sweet but les so than the Barbados this time. Comments: typical Antilles rum of very good quality. It’s a nice Lochside but the problem is that there also some brilliant Lochsides – albeit fewer and fewer of them. Comments: well, it’s Lochside so it can’t only be ‘average’. Nose: not as fruity as expected at first nosing, rather on something phenolic and unusually smoky. Chlorophyll chewing gums, green tea, bitters, lemon zests… More lemon, more grapefruits, more tangerines, even star fruits, passion fruits…

Personally selected by director Matthew Vaughn, the 1991 vintage was picked because it’s the year Eggsy (Taron Egerton) was born.

It’s crazy to think that “vintage” can be used to describe something from the year 1991, but I digress.

Bizarre, with so much paraffin and plain soap that it’s hard to enjoy. Hard to tell you much more, I’ll need my palate tonight. I remember the distillery once had an official 1989 that was rather similar in style, I think it was for Feis Ile. Mouth (neat): really punchy, starting all on spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and a tarry smokiness that reminds me of some sherried Islayers in a certain way. ;-)), marzipan, a waxiness, notes of bitter oranges… I should confess that I didn’t know Niki King but just checked her works on her website and I must say she’s very good so all I can say is ‘kudos to Balblair, to their engagingly unobtrusive manager John Mac Donald and to Niki King! I’ve never been a huge fan of the rather undemanding 10yo but I think I did notice some improvement in fairly recent batches (circa 20). Nose: starts a little spirity, with also wee hints of rose-tainted cologne, before some pleasant toasted and slightly coffee-ish notes start to emerge, together with a little vanilla and ginger that suggest some fairly active oak in the vatting. Comments: I think the 10 became a good entry-level (or access-category) malt whisky that won’t disappoint, maybe thanks to improved wood technology. Nose: peated apple juice ;-) and other smoked fruits. Beautiful notes of verbena liqueur, lemon balm and mint. Finish: a little longer than the HA, with a little more oak and spices. Comments: classic Martinique – or so it seems according to my weak and short experience with rum. Nose: it’s rather punchy, fresh, still a tad rawish but very nicely fruity, without too many obvious pearish notes, rather gooseberries and light strawberry notes. Goes on with more herbs and ‘resinous’ honeys, honeydew, just wee touches of tinned apricots and maybe papayas… With water: perfect spiced up fruits and a little more ginger. Finish: long, clean, citrusy and peppery, with some unexpected rosewater in the aftertaste. Green curry, cardamom, even a little incense, with also some vanilla in the background. Finish: long, with the spices cleaning up your palate. Comments: top notch spirit from a top notch cask, topnotchally selected (wot? I may have said it before but why Pernod/Chivas don’t do much out of the Longmorn brand name remains a total mystery to this poor whisky lover. Nose: starts a little feinty but with quite a presence.

Comments: I didn’t like the nose too much, but the palate was most pleasant. Not that it’s flawed, not at all, but you have to like what we call ‘civet’ notes (or ‘old nun who neglects herself’ – yes that’s a true expression we sometimes use in wine tasting in France… A little rounder than the others, a bit more candied or so it seems, a little more leathery and spicy, with smoked pears… With water: now it’s really excellent, with a great earthiness, roots (is that terroir speaking? Frankly, I think sponsoring or organising gigs is an excellent move, especially with jazz. Now, action whisky is a new concept that could be most appealing. Radioactive whisky to protest against nuclear weapons, black whisky against starvation in Africa or ultra-premiumised bottlings to protest against ultra-liberalism gone mad... I think the best way to assess it is to try it alongside the well-known 10yo ‘Original’, here in a very recent version. With water: once again, water works greatly even if it does bring out more ‘new-oakish’ notes of sweet vanilla and ginger.

Because true character is only revealed after a little heat, the Statesman product offers an exceptional balance of heat and spice.” Having tried this whiskey while at San Diego Comic-Con, I can tell you it’s a very smooth drink, and it’s also delicious when used to make what is called a Statesman Tea Sling (get the recipe right here).

You can find out for yourself since the Old Forester Statesman is available for purchase this month.When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded.In a new adventure that tests their agents’ strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy. Well, the problem is that some of those names weren’t always consistent so it’s a tricky issue. Sorry, due to brutal changes of temperatures, bad nose days since yesterday and no more tasting notes in stock. ) but no doubt it’s a very interesting proposition, as they say in the modern world of cooks. This one smells just like a large basket full of fresh fruits such as bilberries and blackberries, kumquats, mangos and green bananas plus just tiny whiffs of coal smoke. Finish: this is the only weak side, the finish is a tad short and kind of narrow, which isn’t unusual with whiskies that were bottled at 40% vol. Comments: state of the art Lochside, like most 1965s and 1966s. ), some friends even asked for a list of worthy names. Okay, I think I’ll go for a ‘conservatory’ score (remember, only one guy’s opinion! Just check with your local liquor stores to see if they have it in stock.

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