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Chinese speed dating - No monthly payment sex hookup

He had a wife and two kids and wasn’t there to find a date; but rather, accompany a shy Chinese friend that found it hard to keep eye contact with the female species. A part of me was secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, the men had looked past appearances and actually managed to find an emotional bond with one of the other sixteen women during our mini dates. I didn’t even know what the whole purpose of this gathering was anymore. I ran down the stairs, past the stinky convenience store and straight onto Nanjing Road.Following our clumsy dates, the host rounded us up in line fashion once more and made us face off. Another part of me just wanted to throw the stickers at the host’s face for organizing such a confidence-wrecking event. And in the end, the results were: Chinese women, black girl and me: 0 red stickers Lone, kawaii Japanese woman: 20 blue stickers Again, the host took her by the hand and crowned her Queen of the prom. The men started to crowd around kawaii Japan woman like monkeys in mating season. We tossed our blue stickers to the ground and left as quickly as we could, saying a word to no one. I fled the venue and stopped in my tracks when I was as far as I needed to be. The famous department store 818 on Nanjing Road was on my left, the subway station on my right, and floods of Chinese shoppers all around me.

A strange, musky cologne scent (also similar to my grandmother) permeated the air. We were given name tags and two sets of stickers, 5 blue and 5 red, and told to stand in a line with the women, facing the line of 15 men head on. The Players I look around to check out the other contenders. I counted at least four nerds with pocket protectors, shifting their eyes from the ground to the girls while fumbling their fingers.

Tell these handsome studs your name, your age, your line of work–the usual.” Extremely awkward; but doable, I thought. This makes me really uncomfortable.” “I don’t like it,” Lingling looks around. Lingling and I braced ourselves for 15 awkward conversations and took a step forward.

“Introductions alone are boring,” our host continues. After the quick line of introductions, we would like you to hand out your red stickers to the men you find most attractive. “It will be the men’s turn to give stickers to the ladies.” “Lingling,” I turned to her and whispered in English so no one could (hopefully) understand. War of the stickers In the end, I gave my stickers to no one.

Remember, you only have five stickers, so use them sparingly.” I choke on my coffee and start coughing. Blame my morals, or my upbringing, or just plain call it a way to rebel against this ridiculous “game”—but I just couldn’t rank these poor guys on good looks alone.

I didn’t have it in me to split the contenders into have-stickers and have-nots.

Between the party hard ex-pats and Chinese men are quick to bend the knee, finding a happy medium in Shanghai can feel like wading through a kiddie pool.

Bottom line: Going to a speed-dating event where I was rejected by 15 men in the span of 5-sticker-posting-minutes brutally reminded me that Asian men aren’t interested in me—and it definitely wasn’t a confidence booster for post breakup Mary.

The Jun Matsumoto boy was actually half decent; a graphic designer sent from an ad agency that had previously lived in Scotland and spoke somewhat good English.

Another man donning a green cape and top hat actually turned out to be a famous architect from Hong Kong that had self taught himself Japanese (which was just as good or better than mine).

Our speed dating events are the exciting new way to meet Asian singles in the New York area.

Now you can enjoy up to 15 dates in one evening with singles just like you!!

In most cases, the foreigner’s stay in Shanghai is temporary—which is also how they prefer their relationships. Dating abroad can be tough, but having good friends to help you through troubling times might unexpectedly guide you to that person you’ve been waiting for. A few, short weeks later a certain man—Chinese, even—found his way to me.

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