Christian dating when to get married

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There are people who want to make love once a week, and others once a day.

Finally, I joined a new church and saw the love oozing from the pulpit like cupid was God in the hallucinating flesh, had come down and found the biggest arrow he could find with its most potent love concoction for the pastors.For this reason, I put myself in boot camp when I turned about twenty.I started to search for scriptures that related to dating.I have done research, prayed and have found answers for my own life that have brought even more overwhelming confirmation that is leading me to offer relationship counseling based on the word of God.Pastors are not answering questions and as a result, people are mislead and confused when they truly want to serve God. I really cannot think of anyone else in the whole wide world who wanted to be married more than I.There is a reason God wanted Eve for Adam, and he says it right in the beginning of our manual for life. By design men will at some point need help and support, and women will want to be a help meet.

This is fabulous in marriage and dangerous in casual relationships.

If you are a discerning, completely sold-out Christian you have these spasms of feelings that you constantly try to deny for Christ.

I know, because as a Christian woman, I recorded in my memoir how I felt tortured and frustrated about being single; tired of married Christians telling me to be happy in my singleness and be married to God.

In my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love I describe being celibate as torture at one point.

I also point out that my last relationship did not work because of us “living in sin.” The truth is, there are elements of reality in my story however more alarming was that for more than ten years my questions remained unanswered about dating relationships, courting, engagement and marriage.

I dealt with trauma from abuse, an emotionally absent mother and misinformation about sexual purity, so I had a child as a teenager.