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Dating sites privacy laws nj - elf dating sim hacked, LLC, began when two fair housing groups sued the website, alleging that's roommate networking service violated the Fair Housing Act.

A divided Ninth Circuit panel found that the website created or developed information on the site in two ways: First, by creating the questions that users answered when creating their profiles.

Sites could now find themselves open to liability for information posted by third-parties, and this could result in a reduction of the number of speech-related services available online - exactly the opposite of what Congress intended when passing Section 230 in the first place.

For example, My attempts to restrict the ability to view underage profiles by preventing older users from accessing them.

In effect, the web site filters the content based on answers provided during registration to ensure that only minors of certain ages can view other profiles from that age group.

This would almost certainly qualify as meta-information under the decision, and would bump My Space out from under the protection of Section 230.

This creates an interesting problem for most sites that allow users to post music, photos or video.

For instance, several content owners, including media giant Viacom, have sued You Tube, the video sharing site, for copyright infringement, and You Tube has claimed a 512(c) defense.

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Those cases are currently before federal district courts, and their resolution will greatly impact the services that social networks offer, as well as their business models.

Section 230 Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act immunizes website from certain liability resulting from the publication of information provided by another.

An en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit affirmed the holding of, reasoning that the website was not immune under 230(c) for the questions it asked in its dropdown menus, because the website qualified as an information content provider. Blue Mountain School District, the students were not so lucky.

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