Did amanda seyfried dating channing tatum

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(laughs) That was there whole thing.” Amanda said that you were very funny most of the time and that you are one of the most honest people that she has ever met. But, I don't know if she was being honest.” (laughs) Don't forget, you are in Hollywood, I don't know if everyone strives for that kind of honesty. You know, I hate beating the little small town drum or whatever, but I'm from a pretty small town (Cullman, Alabama) and my family is from a pretty small town, and there's just no reason to lie there.

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He doesn't know how to – he just wants to make it all work.

It's like someone asked me, 'What's good relationship advice? In many ways, life as movie actors can be like being enlisted in the military since you have to go away from your loved one for months at a time, sometimes to countries far away.

And with two actors in the family, does it get difficult at times? But we are in a fortunate enough situation that we can – like we have a two-week rule.

Blowing up stuff is great, it's fun but they never let actors really be around that stuff – that's the stunt guys.

The one stunt that I haven't done, that I really wanted to do, in my career was the one in . I fought tooth and nail to do it and they wouldn't let me. If you are in a bull-riding movie, you are never going to be allowed to get on the bull. (laughs) I actually do ride bulls at home in Alabama, but the insurance company for the movie would just not have it.

Yes, there are huge battles and what not but I kind of like to compare it to The Searchers. This time, I just want them to do it good and do it well.

I hope they really the tie up some of the loose ends and come up with a great story.” .They are kid of in a box and painted into a corner when you are in the military, but some of them love it, for some of them it's a job.Some of them are proud to be doing it just for America – it's a whole spectrum of why they do it.” Did you talk to any members of the military or the Special Forces as research for the film?And, I think that by the end of the film, when she kind of throws that back at him, he understands it.” is such a deeply romantic motion picture, in your own life, how do you know when it's true love? The bond between you and your child is unconditional love.They could kill somebody, and you'd be, 'Oh, whatever. I know before she gets up if she is going to be in a good mood. I know if she had good dreams or bad dreams Just pay attention.” Was it love at first sight between you and Jenna?It's a two-week rule if we are in the States and if we are out of the States, it's three weeks.

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