Bamar sex

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Bamar sex

postpartum beliefs and practices at the last childbirth were explored by a pretested semi-structured questionnaire and four FGDs (two in urban and two in rural areas).The survey questionnaire covered socio-demographic data, food and behavioural restrictions and observances during the last postpartum period and underlying reasons for those practices.

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Many colonial-period buildings were demolished to make way for high-rise hotels, office buildings, and shopping malls, Still, much of Yangon remains without basic municipal services such as 24-hour electricity and regular garbage collection.

(The changes have not been accepted by many Burmese who consider the junta unfit to make such changes, nor by many publications, news bureaus including, most notably, the BBC and foreign nations including the United Kingdom and United States.) Since independence, Yangon has expanded outwards.

Successive governments have built satellite towns such as Thaketa, North Okkalapa and South Okkalapa in the 1950s to Hlaingthaya, Shwepyitha and South Dagon in the 1980s.

Yangon is also the place where the British sent Bahadur Shah II, the last Mughal emperor, to live after the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Alexander Fraser, the British constructed a new city on a grid plan on delta land, bounded to the east by the Pazundaung Creek and to the south and west by the Yangon River.

Yangon became the capital of all British-ruled Burma after the British had captured Upper Burma in the Third Anglo-Burmese War of 1885.

The mausoleum of the last Mughal Emperor is located in Yangon, where he had been exiled following the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

Yangon suffers from deeply inadequate infrastructure, especially compared to other major cities in Southeast Asia.

Variation in degree and duration of adherence to postpartum taboos was noted.

These beliefs and practices were imparted and perpetuated by women's close social findings point out the importance of awareness of postpartum beliefs and practices among health staff for providing culturally sensitive health care and gaining better co-operation and mutual understanding in giving health care.

By the 1890s Yangon's increasing population and commerce gave birth to prosperous residential suburbs to the north of Royal Lake (Kandawgyi) and Inya Lake.

The British also established hospitals including Rangoon General Hospital and colleges including Rangoon University.

The city's colonial era name, "Rangoon", likely is derived from the Anglicization of the Arakanese pronunciation of "Yangon", Dagon was a small fishing village centred about the Shwedagon Pagoda.