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On Saturday, however, the Orange Is The New Black star took to Twitter to tell fans that she and her beloved rescue dogs were safe and that she would be able to return to her Californian crib.Safe and sound: On Saturday, Ruby Rose (pictured) revealed she will be able to return to her Los Angeles home along with her beloved rescue dogs after she was evacuated earlier in the week due to a raging wildfire which threatened her residence She added: 'Thanks to the hard and dangerous work put in by the firefighters who risked their lives to save ours.'The actress' home was threatened by the Skirball Fire, which tore through 475 acres of land close to the ritzy Bel-Air area.

The clock struck 5—it was officially time to head home and call it a day at the office. Japanese companies worry about local staff pressing legal charges for unpaid overtime in the U. After my leave, my Japanese co-workers don’t stay 10, or even 30 minutes later—they don’t head out of the office until 10 or 11 p.m. For the past six years I have humbly excused myself from the office, drenched in guilt that I’m leaving hours earlier than my colleagues–yet also in wonder at how on Earth they could stay so long with so little work to do. I’m quitting my job with the Japanese government and going to work for an American university.Employees often work 14 hour days, with one Japanese man confessing that he put in over 100 hours of overtime into his job—each month.In the rare auld times (the flourishing era of the 80’s and 90s) this overtime was actually paid, but now they just call it ‘service zangyou,’ or unpaid overtime.I self-taught myself Japanese in high school and continued my study of the language deep into university.It was my dream to live in Japan someday, and I knew with my cultural and language skills I could land a job at a big company like Toyota.Basically, employees clock out at 5 p.m., but stay until midnight because it’s bad etiquette to leave before your superior.

They stay to keep the ‘wa,’ or harmony of the office.

Maybe you’re dying to live in the land of anime and robots, so you cross the pacific and look for work in the motherland.

Perhaps you’re just super unlucky and end up working at a Japanese company by fluke accident.

She jetted back to her base in Los Angeles earlier in the week after spending time in her native Australia.

But shortly after Ruby Rose returned to her adopted city, she was forced to flee her residence as raging wildfires tore through the region.

The retention rate at Japanese companies is much higher than other developed countries; however, the few employees that are fired by their company take it really hard; like, suicide hard.

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