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Wall Street does not have a choice to adopt technologies; technology is enveloping finance, becoming the medium and the mode of money itself. Data aside, the lack of female perspective and experience in technology is not a concern of token equality. The female population holds spending power in the range of $20T global annually and expected to grow.

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Women moved their enterprises online in ways that expanded their revenue streams, not simply to advertise an offline service.She was no longer dependent on established modes of exchange.Neither was she limited to a client pool that frequents them.Women, specifically those who profit from the digital demimonde, are at the forefront of these innovations.In the past, for a woman to capitalize on the relentless inflow of male interest, she would work in a defined context, a dancer at a club, for example.As this field opens, theoretically anyone can participate in the acceleration.

However, there is a funding rush, and as developments move quickly, those with established access or higher-proximity to entrepreneurial and investor networks will have a higher rate of success, if only by sheer exposure to odds.

Technology is becoming the medium and the mode of finance. Most of us carry a device that can access the entire store of human knowledge and almost anyone on the planet nearly instantly.

It’s hard not to make money from that, to be honest.

Venture capitalists are certainly no exception, and the finance industry in general has a long and storied love affair with the working girl.

Most importantly, the end goal is always, unapologetically, a direct transfer of wealth to women.

Sex workers of all variety — escorts, erotic models, dommes, strippers, porn performers, sugar babies, part-time, full-time, lifestyle mistresses and women existing in a financial gray area between marriage and love — moved online.

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