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These are usually the large, older flat buttons, Colonial types without backmarks, and what our British friends refer to as "dandy" buttons (very large, flat Colonial period buttons). Do not breathe the vapors, and be sure to do this in a well-ventilated place.

While quality marks seldom tell us much, makers' marks can sometimes help to date a site.At best, removing this green corrosion takes some work and elbow grease, and the results are hardly stellar.On the other hand, Aluminum Jelly seems to cure tombac buttons of light tarnish.Due to their coloration, some detectorists confuse them with pewter or even silver buttons.In terms of cleaning, I know of no way to remove fertilizer corrosion from tombacs.Do this cleaning method without water: the button must be perfectly dry.

The advantage of this toothpick method is that it keeps the patina in the grooves where the backmark is stamped.(On the other hand, as mentioned, a toothbrush removes all of this patina, and you're left with no contrast to aid in reading the backmark.) If the backmark or quality mark on a flat button is raised rather than incuse (stamped in), you'll have to scrape the corrosion off very carefully, just until you start to see the tops of the letters.Don't go any deeper into the corrosion than that- but when you have a rough idea of what it says, you can then work on individual letters as needed.Editor's Note: The preservation of finds is every detectorist's responsibility.Proper cleaning can be an important part of that process, but whatever the method, it should always be accompanied by appropriate caution.All of us, myself included, have made mistakes in judgment with cleaning methods, but I'd like to share some of the methods and techniques that have worked best for me in the past 20 years of metal detecting. There are millions of these underground, and most folks don't give them a lot of thought. The backs of flat buttons frequently have either a maker's mark (company name) or a quality mark.

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