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“Unfortunately women’s work is often undervalued, it’s as if we constantly have to prove we’re worthy of the roles we’re given,” says Annachiara, 32, who works in PR in Salerno, in the south of Italy.

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Italy’s economy is shrinking: in the second quarter of 2012, it had Europe’s second highest government debt to GDP ratio at 126pc, according to Eurostat, trailing not far behind its Greek neighbours.

Rome-based radio host Loredana, 56, laments that that there is no national requirement to teach sex education in Italian schools.

“There’s proposal dating from 1975 to introduce it still waiting in Parliament,” she notes.

In November last year, two parliamentarians called for life sentences for those who kill women for being women (or ‘femminicidio’, as it is known in Italian).

However, the austerity in place to tackle Italy’s economic woes has undermined the work done to combat such violence, Cristina Karadole of the Bologna-based women’s organisation Casa delle Donne told me.

While the gender pay gap is a problem throughout Europe, Italy has one of the lowest in the EU at just 5pc (the UK’s, in comparison, sits at 20pc).

But taking more indicators into account, as this chart from the Economist has, such as net childcare costs relative to the average wage and the proportion of women in senior jobs, Italy lingers among the worst countries for working women.

Soffici explains how women are sometimes forced to sign blank resignation forms with the date omitted before they fall pregnant: “Unions cannot help you because you signed the letter, and no-one can prove when you signed it,” she says.

“This is why women have to choose if they want to keep their job or become a mother.” “In Italy, the first question they ask women [in a job interview] is if they’re married, have a boyfriend, or what they’re doing in their private life. The reality is that sexism is entrenched in Italian society, with women traditionally having been perceived as either homemakers or lovers.

“It involves cuts in social spending and to schools, services, health, all the sectors in which we think the government should increase resources to promote policies of prevention and education, which are the only ones capable of eliminating the problem.” In what has widely been seen as a reassuring sign, former journalist and UNHCR representative Laura Boldrini was in March chosen as the speaker of Italy’s chamber of deputies, and during her inaugural speech received a standing ovation for pledging to “take charge of the humiliation of women suffering violence masquerading as love".

Reassuring though this and the higher proportion of female parliamentarians might be, how they deliver is a separate matter.

“For the first time this topic has entered the national agenda.” Figures from helpline Telefono Rosa confirmed by Italy’s national statistics body, Istat, revealed that a woman in Italy was killed every two days in 2012, compared to every three days in 2011.

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