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The Smithsonian Institution museums, especially those on the National Mall, play a unique and important role in educating visitors to the Nation's capital about our history, arts, and culture. (8) The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum and research complex, with 16 museums in the District of Columbia and New York City.

(7) Despite the history and demography as well as the ongoing contributions that American Latinos make to the cultural life of the United States, there remains a great gap in the level and quality of awareness that other Americans possess about the rich and diverse character of Latino culture and history. Through every war and conflict, Latinos have served honorably and proudly next to their fellow Americans to defend the ideals of freedom, democracy, and liberty worldwide, earning countless awards for valor and sacrifice. From the earliest days of American industry, Latinos have worked in our factories. As of July 2002, there were an estimated 38.8 million Latinos in the United States. (5) According to the Bureau of the Census, the population of American Latinos recently grew to become the largest demographic minority group in the country. Congress finds as follows: (1) American Latinos are an ethnically and racially diverse population.

(4) Whether the Museum should be located within the Smithsonian Institution. It is long past time to fully recognize and celebrate the Latino community as part of our diverse history.

We visited 7th Street in Benson, where my grandmother, grandfather, great grand mother and a cousin died in1905 from eating poison berries. Alice Dmc Alic Marciel Hart Wood Michael Hardwick Lorraine Hernandez Zeke Hernandez Jim Hicks Win Holtzman Granville Hough, Ph. (3) Possible locations for the Museum on or adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D. Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), and Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) yesterday introduced bipartisan legislation to celebrate the culture of American Latinos by beginning the process of creating a National Museum of the American Latino.

We went to the Benson Historical Society saw a picture of my grandfather Jose Miguel Castaneda, the text said that he entertained the president of the United States at the Virginia Hotel etc. C., to be considered in consultation with the National Capital Planning Commission. The Senators legislation would create a national commission to study and plan for the development of a National Museum of the American Latino as part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. Boxer said, Throughout our Nations history, Latinos have enriched our culture, contributed to our economy, and served honorably next to their fellow Americans in times of war.

Both native and foreign-born Latinos in the United States continue to make significant contributions to the arts and humanities, academia, and the popular culture that have benefited all Americans.

(4) The history, art, politics, economy, and culture of the United States have been enriched since the Nation's founding by the influence of American Latinos and their traditions and innovations.

The youthfulness and rapid growth of this population ensure that American Latinos will have a substantial role in American life ranging from public policy to popular entertainment.

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