Www akwaaba dating

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Www akwaaba dating

In Nigeria, these highly intelligent people who discovered and invented their own mining techniques, were immediately relegated to the status of “natives”.In an age where 90% of ALL Europeans were still illiterate themselves, the “natives” that were supposedly naked barbarians, swinging from trees and barely different from animals, had a tin-smelting INDUSTRY.

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Filled with song and dance, and attended by the King, the main day which is also a public holiday in Swaziland, draws crowds from near and far to celebrate and share in all the festivities.

The Jema’a Head was taken home by the clerk who used it as a scarecrow in his yam farm for a whole year, before it was acquired by the manager of the mine.

The manager took it to Jos and gave it to the cadet administrative officer; a Bernard Fagg who was an archeologist by training.

These traders were curious to know how the “natives” got hold of such pure tin and they investigated further.

Their investigations led them to the traditional tin-mining areas around Jos, where to their surprise they discovered a thriving and boisterous tin smelting industry near the Shere hills.

About STA The Swaziland Tourism Authority (STA) was established by an act of parliament, the Tourism Authority, Act of 2001.

In the 1880s, the rampaging merchants (The Merchant Adventurers they were called) of the Royal Niger Company had developed an interest in Jos, when as payment for imported European goods in markets along the Benue River, they were offered tin ingots of amazingly pure metal.Maidens gather in groups and head out along riverbanks to cut and collect tall reeds, bind them and return to Ludzidzini, the Royal Homestead in Lobamba.Tens of thousands of maidens, led by Swazi princesses, provide a sea of colour as they dance and sing, proudly carrying their cut reeds.The whole world, including Africans themselves have been so brain washed about this for so long that even today, in the 21st century, educated Americans ask to see our tree houses.A Sorry Pass Africans themselves no longer have a tin mining industry or any industry of any kind. Now we need FOREIGN INVESTMENT and FOREIGN EXPERTS to teach us how to do everything and especially how to mine the tin we were mining by ourselves before any white man set foot in that part of the world 140 years ago. The European traders, who never allow any opportunity to rape pass them by, seized this area, declared it a property of the Crown of England and set about establishing their own MODERN mining industry on top of the traditional mining industry.Its ever- increasing popularity defies the apparent decline of traditional cultures elsewhere in Africa.