Dating a borderline personality disorder

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Dating a borderline personality disorder - dating game oniell nebraska

The symptoms cause The above list only briefly summarizes these individual Cluster B personality disorders.

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BPD is solely an environmentally induced 'nurture' issue, which is passed along through a diffuse, inadequate maternal connection from each generation to the next.In my view, BPD is a heart issue, which seems to be why psychotherapeutic treatment has for many, remained a disappointing, unrewarding endeavor.Borderline Personality Disorder is not a "mental illness." Yes, it's listed in the DSM-IV and V~ but so are a lot of other clinical issues (ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, etc.) that have nothing whatsoever to do with mental illness or incapacity!Borderlines are not "bad people." Their lifelong struggle with fear and anguish made it necessary to develop a self-protective, tough outer shell or armor that helped them avert further harm to themselves during a time when they were very small and defenseless, and had to survive.Unfortunately, learned survival instincts/defenses prompt disruptive acting-out episodes and distancing behaviors in even In truth, when individuals are helped to resolve their self-worth issues, and connect with their emotions without compulsively analyzing or judging them, personality disorder features can be eliminated.It's not 'rocket science,' but it definitely requires an unconventional and unique type of assistance, that falls outside the realm of standard or traditional therapies.

Resolving Borderline Personality Disorder isn't a head issue, and there is nothing wrong with a Borderline's mind.Furthermore, these traits must cause functional impairment and/or subjective distress.Functional impairment means these traits interfere with a person's ability to functional well in society.of disregard for the rights of other people that often manifests as hostility and/or aggression. In many cases hostile-aggressive and deceitful behaviors may first appear during for their actions.In fact, they will often blame their victims for "causing" their wrong actions, or deserving of their fate.This leads them to believe they deserve special treatment, and to assume they have special powers, are uniquely talented, or that they are especially brilliant or attractive.

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