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Difficulty: Easy Materials: Coats & Clark's Craft and Rug Yarn, Art. Pull Out Skeins): 1 skein of eggshell and 1 skein of contrasting color for each pair. Use any size hook which will obtain the stitch gauge above. Children: Length of Sole (In Inches) 6 7 8 9; Women: 9 10 11; Men: 10 11 12. Rnd 1: Ch 1, working through both loops of sl sts, sc in each sl st around.

“There is a ¾ sleeve sweater and a blouse with a pussy bow underneath.

If I am honest I was gutted when I had the news, there was a part of me that thought this operation was going to be enough but sadly it wasn’t.

I guess I would like a year without any operations and to be at my best.

The other thing I am doing is going vegan for the whole of March.

I am really excited on doing it, I decided to try it to see if I would notice a difference within myself, from giving me more energy with my RA and keeping my sugar levels stable.

I think Alessandro Michele is about to change men’s fashion in a way that even Hedi Slimane never managed to, not only removing any semblance of testosterone from men, but also Benjamin Buttoning them into newborn-geriatric hybrids. Straight Male Fashion Friend, lounging on his bed in a pair of fancy red socks, agreed that no man can actually wear these clothes, as they are “pussy clothes”.

There is so much stuff you can do together, knitting definitely being one of them.

I haven’t written on my blog for a while, I have been busy (loving it) getting my little stationery shop up and running and producing some of the products.

I have also been planning and designing some jewellery pieces for Spring/Summer, which is exciting.

A quick update on my ankle it is out of the space boot, so wearing normal shoes.

But the pain hasn’t gone, it has slightly gotten worse which is bit disappointing so it looks like I will be having the second operation on my ankle (replacement).

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