Military gay men looking for dating

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Military gay men looking for dating

Pandering to the homophobic notion that young men are seduced and corrupted by older men, the age of consent was set at 21 for sex between men, compared to 16 for heterosexual and lesbian couples.

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Scotland’s anti-gay laws were abolished in 2009 but, in the case of sodomy, did not take effect until 2013 – 46 years after 1967.

Seven men in Bolton, north-west England, were convicted of these “non-private” offences in 1998 – over 30 years after 1967.

Two of the seven, who had sex with a man who was six months under the then gay age of consent of 18, were given suspended jail terms and put on the Sex Offenders Register, alongside paedophiles and rapists.

In depth, face-to-face qualitative interviews were conducted with a subset of participants (n = 33) from the Caring and Aging with Pride survey.

The most common turning points identified were relationship and occupation-related.

According to the Home Office archives, there were 1,718 convictions and cautions for “indecency between males” in 1989.

Indeed, the total of 2,022 recorded offences of indecency that year was almost as many as the 2,034 recorded in 1954, when male homosexuality was totally illegal and when Britain was gripped by a Mc Carthyite anti-gay witch-hunt.This homophobic witch-hunt – just four years ago – is clear evidence the 1967 Sexual Offences Act did not end the police persecution of gay and bisexual men.Let’s remember the reality of continued arrests as we mark the 50th anniversary of that legislation.At least 15,000 men were convicted of consensual same-sex behaviour between 19, when the criminalisation of homosexuality finally ceased across the whole of the UK.The anti-gay laws were scrapped in England and Wales in 2003.The police turned up unannounced at the homes of men who’d been convicted decades earlier of consenting same-sex acts.

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